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At Silverack, LLC we realize you have a choice when you purchase storage solutions and want you to know you have an ALTERNATIVE.

Boltless shelving made by Silverack, LLC is the perfect ALTERNATIVE for clip type shelving. All uprights and beams are made in USA from high quality steel. Instead of using steel for the shelf surface we provide several other ALTERNATIVES allowing for the same benefits of the steel shelf plus the capability of higher capacities, rapid shelf adjustment, rapid assembly – no shelf clips, and no hardwire… Period.

A true American Made ALTERNATIVE designed to provide you with a more cost efective solution for your industrial storage requirements. In addition we provide free layout and design, seismic calculations and wet stamped drawings for deckovers, multilevel, or high rise applications.

By the way, who told you that there was no alternative to the clip type steel shelf? Was it the steel self manufacturers?
It’s time for solutions that make sense!

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